Traveling Newborn Photographer

When your sister says “hey can I buy you a plane ticket to come visit us way over in Maryland and take our family photos the end of July?” You start to wonder why she is being so specific. Then I knew it, “why, are you having a baby?!!” — NO!!! she said… Yeah right! A few months later she finally revealed that yes indeed she was having a baby! So yes I agreed to fly to Maryland and take photos of her growing family. It was pretty exciting, I had never been to Washington DC so I figured I could see the sites as well. I got 2 more tickets for my 2 oldest kids and we went on an adventure.

Natural light Photography

So during my newborn sessions I use my big strobes. I hadn’t taken natural light photos of a newborn in years! (That is what I started with but have grown to LOVE my strobes) But all my big equipment would not fit in the suitcase. So we had to work with her windows and a small folding table while she helped hold up the backdrop! Haha sisters are the best.

Newborn Props don’t fit in a Suitcase

Her one request for props was a basket. But that just wasn’t going to fit in my suitcase with all the pretty wraps, outfits, layers, furs, hats etc that I also wanted to bring. Luckily whenever I am in a store my brain is always thinking “could I put a baby in that?” So her and I went on a late night shopping trip once I arrived and found a basket for little Wesley.

Special Touches and Poses

Her husband is in the Army so we wanted to use some of his uniform and tags in the photos. He looks pretty cute tucked into daddy’s jacket, don’t you think? She also really wanted a photo with one of my little bears, I agree they are adorable so we had to get a shot with my cream bear.

No Studio!!

I am so used to having my studio all set up exactly the way I like it, it was a fun challenge to use a new space. Luckily her master bedroom had plenty of light so we used that space for some fun family photos. It was pretty close to using my bed set up in the studio that everyone loves, it just creates a cozy setting ya know?

Need a traveling Photographer?

I could get used to this! The next 2 days we had fun visiting all the sites of DC. Anyone else who lives in a fun place need a photographer, I’m willing to travel I of course also loved hanging out with my sister and her 3 boys!! These 2 kids of mine are great travel buddies, I sure love them to pieces.