Professional Newborn photography is truly beautiful art. This is your story, how do you want to tell it? I have a few ways to help you out with this. It could be through a pretty wood folio box full of stunning prints, or a leather covered heirloom album to share with your friends and family. But one of the most stunning ways is through wall art.

Photo of a newborn photography session.  A little baby girl, big brother and their family.  The photos are hanging above a white couch in living room.

Why do you want wall art?

I have all four of my children’s (ages 5-14) newborn photos still proudly on displayed in my home. You know why? I have them so I walk by them every day, I want to be reminded that yes even my stinky 12 year old son was once this tiny baby who was my whole world and I was his. I want to walk by and put a smile on my face looking at those 4 sweet babies. I realize I don’t actually remember what they looked like if I didn’t have these photos! That is so sad to say but its true. I want them to see how much I love them and have adored them from the moment they were born!

Irreplaceable Portraits

These photos have become priceless to me. Even more valuable than other things in my home. I can replace my TV, I can replace my wedding ring, I can replace my laptop, or car. But these portraits are irreplaceable! The photo of my oldest was done by a photographer in the hospital, I only have this one 8×10 print! That’s it! It luckily has survived 14 (yes 14!!) moves back and forth across the country. I can’t imagine every loosing it. And I would gladly pay any amount to have more images from that newborn session. Also I would print it bigger–an 8×10 is not big enough haha!

Archival Grade Wall Art

This why I am so passionate about wall art. But not just any wall art, archival grade. I have done my research. I only use professional labs that use archival inks, papers, mats, and acrylic glazing. All my products have a 100 year archival value! I have learned from my own experience that this is the stuff that matters. So when you come to my studio for your newborn photography session. One of my goals is to make sure you are able to leave with a finished piece of archival grade art that you will cherish like I do, and be able to proudly display in your home for your entire life!!!