What do I need to bring?

This is a very common question I get from pregnant moms anticipating their newborn photography session with me. Taking your newborn baby on a several hour outing can seem stressful and exhausting, so they just want to be prepared. I tell all my clients to please don’t worry I have almost everything we could need. But here are a few things to bring along.

Bring an extra bottle:

When you arrive for your session, I will have you feed your baby here. This helps us get the most amount of time after a feeding before they get hungry again. At around 2 weeks of age, babies eat every 1-3 hours. So saving the feeding until you are here, is best. Please bring anything you may need for that. I would also ask you bring an extra bottle with formula or breast milk to the session. If your baby needs a snack I would be able to give that to them.

Newborn baby girl dressed in pink in a heart bowl during her newborn photography session in my Sahuarita Arizona studio

Bring a pacifier:

Please bring a pacifier for your baby, even if you don’t plan to use one. Sometimes getting baby into those poses requires lots of soothing. Your baby’s favorite way to sooth themselves is sucking. A pacifier will help me sooth them in the prop without having to move her around too much.

beautiful baby girl dressed in purple in a bucket during her newborn photography session in my studio in Green Valley Arizona

Clothing for baby:

This one is really easy!! I have everything we need for your baby. I have adorable outfits just the right size so no need to buy or bring anything special. Dress baby in a loose easy to remove outfit. Nothing tight like socks, that will leave marks on their skin. Also you will learn quickly that you always need an extra outfit in the diaper bag… just in case!

Newborn baby girl dressed in white during her newborn photography session in my studio in Tucson Arizona

Clothing for your older children:

I have a extensive client closet for your entire family. I have dresses for girls size 1-10. Have your daughters wear light colored underwear so they don’t show through my light colored dresses. For boys I have shirts size 1-10 as well. I suggest wearing jeans to go along with it, not khakis. A lot of the shirts are very neutral tones so jeans looks best.

newborn baby boy posed on a bed with his older siblings during his studio newborn session in Tucson Arizona

Clothing for mom and dad:

I have so many beautiful, carefully selected dresses for moms to wear size S-XL. Again I suggest neutral colored undergarments to avoid them showing through. You are welcome to wear shapewear as well. I have a collection of neutral colored shirts for dad, size S-XL. So as you can see, choosing my studio has some great benefits! No shopping required:)

Newborn baby girl posed with her parents on a bed in my Tucson photography studio during her newborn photography session

Everything else is provided!

That’s it!! I have everything else we may need here at the studio. You are welcome to bring something special to include in your images: like an army jacket or a hand make blanket from grandma. I’d be happy to include these to make your images truly special for your family. However don’t feel like you need to. I will talk to you and figure out your style and the types of images you love and will create a newborn photography session that is exactly what you are dreaming of!

Newborn baby boy posed on an army military uniform jacket during his newborn photography session in my studio.