I love to do lifestyle images for my newborn photography clients.  

newborn baby photography, baby with parents in an all white studio

What does lifestyle images even mean??

You may be wondering that question yourself.  Let me explain. Lifestyle photography is a genre of photography that mainly aims to capture portraits of people in situations, or real-life events in an artistic way.  The primary goal is to tell a story.

baby and his parents at a newborn photo shoot in an all white studio

Okay so how is going to a studio for a portrait session a real-life event? 

Great question again!! I have created a room in my studio that looks like a real room.  It looks like a bedroom with a window.  This is where I stage my lifestyle sessions.  Instead of stiff poses and smiles, I aim for connection, real moments, and genuine smiles. Having a baby join a family is such a joyful and intimate moment for families. There is so much emotion, I love to capture that. 

The way your tiny baby fits in your arms.

baby boy in his dads arms at his newborn photo session at an all white photography studio

The newborn baby smell.

Those sweet sibling kisses and hugs!  

This is more that a quick portrait, this is a time to cherish and remember. Remember the details, remember how you feel, remember that moment that changes in an instant. My newborn photography studio is the perfect place for this style of photography.

Newborn baby boy wrapped in a white cloth during his studio newborn photo session