Milestone Sessions

Newborn photography is just the beginning. As your baby grows before your eyes, I’m here to capture those important milestones along the way. That first year flies by so fast and your baby changes so rapidly, you will want these images to help you remember and cherish that time. I have a studio full of props, outfits, headbands, and hats. I’ll have everything you need.

Think of joining in the session. You are strong and glorious. You carry your babies when they tug, even when your hands are full. You comfort their tears even when you are beyond tired. Your body offers a refuge from the world with hands to hold and a neck to rest on. You live these moments every day but you may never see it through their eyes. They don’t see the messy bun, old tee shirt wearing, mother – but they see the strong, comfortable, safety of their mom.

As mothers, we avoid being in photos until we feel put together, but the truth is, that is the world’s definition of beauty. I aim to capture the connections between mother and child. When we take away distractions, we are left with authentic emotional relationships. These photos, are for us moms, but more importantly they are for our children. As they grow and look back at these images, they will see they have always been wanted. They have always been loved. This is the legacy of Motherhood .These are those special moments worth capturing, worth displaying in your home, and worth cherishing for a lifetime to be passed down and adored as they grow.

As I get older, I cherish photos from my childhood that are of me with my own mother. Sadly, I don’t have that many. Like me, she was always the one behind the camera. Let me capture these images for you, so at the end of the day you can see what they see, an outstanding mother who loves with all her heart. You are beautiful.