Newborn Session Questions

Do you have a hair and make-up artist you recommend?

Yes I do!! And guess what, I make it super easy. She comes to the studio and does your hair and make-up when you arrive! She is great at listening to what you want and making sure you still look and feel like yourself but are camera ready!

What should I wear?

One of the benefits of coming to my studio is that you also have the option of picking something out from my extensive client closet. I have over 60 dresses for mom size S- XXL and shirts for dads size M-XL. I even have clothing for your older children. Going shopping and coordinating outfits during this time doesn’t need to be stressful. I have taken care of it all for you.

What if I don’t think I will look my best for family photos right after having a baby?

I have a lot of moms who feel the same way. But this is such an important and special time in your baby’s life. I urge you to consider it. Moms are rarely in the photos with their children. This is the prefect time, when a professional photographer is knowledgeable with good posing, good lighting, I think you will really love the photos.

**Plus I have an in studio make-up artist and hair stylist ready to help you look and feel your best!! How easy is that??

What are you doing to be Covid safe?

I am fully vaccinated! I only shoot one session a day so I have time to fully clean and sanitize my studio between clients. I will be wearing a mask anytime I am near your baby. I will keep you informed about my family’s health if needed. I have a dedicated commercial studio space instead of a home studio so I can more easily control the germs that come inside my studio. I will not shoot a client that is sick, I will reschedule.

Can I include parents and siblings?

Yes absolutely!!! Family members are always included. Getting that first family photo is my favorite!

When is the best time to take newborn photos?

I know some moms are apprehensive about the timing of newborn photographs, but we want to photograph babies between one and two weeks old and I know that can feel really early. I know you are going to be recovering and you are going to be tired. That is just the most perfect time to photograph them because they are still going to be really sleepy and flexible from being in your belly. And, don’t forget, you will be able to completely relax once you get here. I will even have some goodies for you to eat that day because you will likely run out the door without eating.

When should I contact the studio to book my newborn session?

I usually book out about 2-3 months in advance. So contact me in the 5th or 6th month of your pregnancy. Earlier if you want to include a maternity session.

I have a toddler, what if they don’t cooperate?

 I know a lot of moms are concerned with how their other children will act during the portrait session. I photograph a lot of families with toddlers, children and the newborn child. I am also a mother of 4 and a former preschool and elementary school teacher. You could say I have a lot of experience.

I have a sofa in the studio where your family is welcome to sit and relax. I have a play corner with toys and books where your older children are welcome to play while I photograph the baby until they are needed for pictures. I believe it is best to let them play a little and get comfortable before trying to bring them into any photos. If they are having a hard time, I will often incorporate a toy into the photos, so they have something to hold and that usually makes things a lot better! Or we will play a game, make silly face, smell baby’s stinky feet! I have a lot of tricks up my sleeves.

How long are newborn sessions?

That really depends on baby and if you choose to be pampered with hair and makeup. Sessions can be anywhere for 1-3 hours. Before your session I spend some time collecting information from you about your style and preferences to make sure we prioritize the images you want most. I want to shoot what will matter to you instead of tons of photos that are mediocre and not something you really want to print.

Questions about the custom experience

When will I see my photos?

We will have your viewing ordering appointment about 1-2 weeks after your session!

How will I choose my favorite images?

I’m here to guide you through this process. We will look at all your images together at your in person viewing/ ordering appointment. Its so exciting! Once you have decided which images are your absolute favorites, you will choose which collection would be the perfect fit. I want you to have the chance to pick which images are the best! Only you know your child and which expression is natural, something they do all the time, and the sweet little face you always want to remember. I like giving you that control and letting you pick the perfect pictures that capture their personality and your family dynamic.

How long before I receive my portraits?

About 1-2 weeks after your session we will schedule your viewing and ordering appointment. After that, you will have your digital files in less than 2 weeks. Products can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Do I have to know what collection I want before booking?

No of course not! That will be a decision best made when you get a chance to view your images on my big TV and pick out your favorites. This will be when you pick out your collections size because it will coordinate with the number of photos you love.

Does the booking fee include any photos?

This booking fee gets you on my calendar. Collections, digital packages, and heirloom artwork are purchased separately.

Cake Smash Questions

Can parents be in the photos too?

The bond between mom and baby is so amazing. You are welcome to join him/her for a few special photos during the session. Dads and siblings too!

When should I schedule my baby’s cake smash?

That depends. Would you like the session to take place close to their actual birthday or earlier so you have the photos to display for their party? If you want to have photos to share on social media or to print I would schedule it about 3 weeks before their birthday.

Do you offer themed sessions?

My cake smash sessions are more classic, keeping the focus on your sweet baby. You will get to choose a color for your sessions. We will use this in the outfit and cake decorating. The rest of the set will be very minimal and white. I have found this makes the most beautiful photos and minimized distractions in your portrait. Check out my cake smash page for examples.

What should my baby wear?

One of the benefits to coming to my studio is my beautiful client wardrobe!  I have adorable handmade and boutique outfits for your baby to wear.  Sometimes choosing an outfit helps, You can choose something you love and we can have the cake match.

For girls I have cute rompers,& dresses.

For boys I have cute overalls, little shorts, chinos with suspenders, and rompers. 

Like I mentioned earlier these sessions may include family members. I have a client wardrobe with coordinating outfits for your entire family.  I have beautiful dresses for moms especially. You don’t need to shop or stress. My studio experience is designed to be stress free.

What if my baby has food allergies?

My local baker can accommodate dairy and egg allergies. We are also not limited to cake only. We can get creative using fruit, cookies, donuts, muffins, or even a fake cake.

Do you supply the cake?

Yes a beautiful cake is included. I have a fabulous local baker I work with. She has been making all of my cakes for the last 3 years! Or we can do something else like donuts cookies, fruit, etc.

What if my baby won’t eat the cake or is cranky?

I want you to know I have seen it all.  Some babies dive into the cake face first and just go to town. But more often than that the babies are a bit timid and even confused by what is happening.  It’s a new place with new experiences. I have a few tricks up my sleeves to help it look like the baby is eating the cake.  You’d be surprised how many of the babies on my website aren’t even eating cake!  Most of them even cry a little bit.  We give time for snuggles with mom and ease into it if needed .