1. Your iPhone Is Great… But Not That Great

Cell phones have come such a long way since my oldest was a baby (14 years ago!!!) They have the ability to create beautiful images no argument there. It’s what I use with my own kids for sharing on social media. I mean the new one has like 22 lenses!! One thing the cell phone companies won’t tell you is that lens size matters. Yes you have multiple lenses for different circumstances but they will never replace the large glass on a professional photographers camera. Light is by far the most important factor in a good quality photo. The tiny lenses on your cell phone can only let in so much light as opposed to the large lenses professional photographers use. Don’t get me wrong I use my cell phone on a daily basis to take snap shots of my kids. But for anything I want to hang on my walls I use my “big camera”

Having a newborn is such a life changing moment. Yes take those snap shots, fill your phone (I know I have) but please bring in your baby for some special newborn and family photos that you can print up big, with stunning details and gorgeous colors.

I’m going to use my nephew as an example here. Here is a cell phone photo my sister took of her baby vs what I did during his newborn session. I won’t argue both are adorable, but you can see the difference in quality.

Cell phone photo of a baby boy in a onsie.

2. You’re Going To Want To Be In The Photos Too!!

Mom after you have a baby I know you may not feel your best or even remember your own name! I know you may have body aches and issues that you don’t want to highlight. But…BUT later you will wish you had nice photos of you and your baby. I know I wish that. These will be priceless to you years from now. Just book that newborn session and get in the photos.

I know the best ways to use lighting, angles and a little PhotoShop, to create beautiful images of mom and baby. I even have clothing for you to wear so you don’t need to go shopping. Please momma, get photos of you and your sweet baby.

Beautiful photo of mom and her baby dressed in white with a cream backdrop
beautiful family photo with mom dad and newborn baby on a brown backdrop

3. Your Newborn Photographer Has All The Cute Props

You may want to go onto Etsy and buy all the cute things for your baby and take photos at home. Did you know most of those things on Etsy are sized 0-3 months and will be so big on your baby. Plus they can be expensive to purchase for a one time use. Your photographer has invested in all the latest props, headbands, hats, newborn outfits and wraps. Let her use her collection to create beautiful images of your baby while you sit and relax. You don’t even need to bring a thing to my studio when you come for your newborn session. I have it all right here for you. Yes even diapers and wipes if you need them.

photo of newborn baby all curled up in taco pose with a white lace outfit and white headband.
Photo of a newborn baby wrapped in pink in a heart shaped bowl.

4. You Will Want Those Special Sibling Shots!!

At home I know you are grabbing those special moments with your older children holding baby or feeding baby. They are so sweet right? This photo below of my nephew is just precious. Baby was crying and his mom couldn’t get him to calm down. Big brother came in and said “let me try.” He held his baby brother and hummed the Jurassic Park Theme song. Baby calmed down, big brother handed baby back and went back to playing. I know my sister wanted that photo to remember that moment. Cell phones are perfect for that. But she wouldn’t really blow this up and hang it on her wall.

I took one (in the same room, on the same bed) with all 3 brothers. This moment may not hold that special story but it has their sweet faces. It is a high quality photo that will look amazing blown up big and help her remember all of them at this sweet age and special time.

photo of a big brother rocking his baby brother to sleep
photo of 3 brothers on a bed snuggling

5. You Will Cherish These Photos Forever!

I hear it all the time: “I wish we had done newborn photos for my oldest” or “I wish we knew about you with our other baby.” I know the feeling. I was just starting my photography career when my first baby was born. Of course by that I mean, I hung up a wrinkly sheet over my couch, used a desk lamp as a light, and our little digital camera to take some photos of her. Needless to say, they never made it to any walls. I was so happy I also took her to a professional photographer for her 6 month and 1 year photos. The only professional newborn photo I have of her is from the hospital, and I only have 1!

Photo of a baby girl curled up for a newborn shoot on blue background