Family Posing

Adeline and her family came to my studio for a family and newborn session. She was such a little peanut. Mom and Dad asked for a classic style session so we went with my gray paper and my bright window for the family sets. Everyone was dressed in gray and white to match. Mom was able to grab this beautiful dress from my client closet. I really like the texture in this dress she picked out.

The dark gray backdrop created a really timeless look and helped keep the focus of the image on their beautiful faces and connection. When I am taking family photos I take the time to make sure hair is in the right spot, your hands are posed well, in short I keep track of all those little details. I am also looking to create the feeling on connection and love in each family photo. This is so important to me.

Family on gray backdrop holding newbotn baby
Family and baby in front of a widow

Newborn and Sibling posing

After the family posing we moved on to sibling posing. Her brother was 8 years old so he was older and was able to hold her with ease. So we did a few sibling photos and you could just tell he adored her. I think they will look back at these photos and remember one of his jobs in this life is to be her protector. I always wanted a big brother!

Mom and Newborn Portraits

The mom and baby photos are probably my most important photos I take. Mom is always behind the camera, mom is always self sacrificing. I want mom to feel beautiful and special for this session. This is why I provide dresses for mom especially. You deserve lovely photos with your baby!!

mom and newborn baby
mom kissing baby

Dad and Newborn Portraits

Babies always look so tiny when posed with just dad. I love knowing they will never be this small again or fit this well in his hands. She is growing at a rapid pace and these photos really help remember how sweet and little she was. I am always looking to create connection and emotion in my photos to show love.

dad and newborn

Parents and Newborn

Then I also include just mom and dad with baby only. Being the second child she will grow up sharing her parents with big brother. But she deserves special one-on-one photos as well. This isn’t their complete family in these photos but these are special. They are just for her as she grows up to see how much they adored her from the beginning. How she is special and unique in their eyes.

mom dad and baby
mom dad and baby

Newborn Alone Portraits

After family photos then it is time for just newborn alone photos. I have mom pick out 2 colors she wants for the theme of her session. Adeline’s mom picked pink and purple for this session. I always do 2 props, and at least 2 backdrop colors. She got an extra set up because she had an epic blowout on that pretty white backdrop and we had to switch in out!! Adeline was so precious and sweet we had fun posing her in all the cute things. Near the end she woke up and glared at me! It was adorable.

baby in heart bowl in purple
baby on white backdrop