Family photo in the desert

Family Picture Season

It’s almost that time again, that time when everyone wants updated refreshed family photos. The weather here in Tucson has cooled off slightly that we won’t be cooked alive outside. Even the landscape is cooperating. After the monsoons we have had this year, all the weeds and green plants have turned our desert into a beautiful lush backdrop for family photos. Yes it is defiantly time for family photos… if only the mosquitos would go away!! Bring bug spray.

Big dreams

Typically you want these updated portraits for Christmas cards and to share with family members. You have big dreams of hanging them in your home to admire every day, but how many of you actually do it? I found so many of my clients absolutely loved their images, they gushed over them in Google reviews, and shared them all over Facebook. They couldn’t wait to display them on their walls. But life gets busy, they forgot, they were unsure how many to order, and what size would fit their space. They couldn’t pick their favorites or narrow the choices down.

I’m here to help with that

I hear you, and I have gone through the same struggle. I do consider it my job to make sure I follow through until you have beautiful art on your walls. I am here for the planning. We will have a face to face consultation (even if that if virtually face to face) picking the ideal location to tell your families story. I have favorite places we can discuss and choose what fits your style and what would look best in your home.

I will help you chose the perfect outfits for your session. I offer tips on colors and styles that will look best in your chosen location. You can send me photos of your outfits for input, and I have even help find clothing online for clients. I want you to feel and look your best, so I provide that service to help you feel confident and photogenic.

We will discuss they type of portraits that are important to you. Weather you want more candid family moments, you really want some individual shots of good genuine smiles from your kids, focus on family groupings and relationships, that perfect family photo where everyone is looking and smiling, I will listen to what you want and make it happen.

After your session

After your session, you will be able to view all the best images in your gallery and pick your favorites! Nobody needs 80 family photos, what would you even do with them. It can be overwhelming. So in my studio I will help you discover the best images and moments that mean the most to you. We will narrow it down to the very best portraits that really make you smile. These decisions can be difficult, I completely understand that. I am here to offer my help and experience. We can even do some head swapping to create that perfect family portrait. Two year old’s and Dads are notorious for pulling faces, blinking their eyes, having a grumpy face, etc!

I will guide you as you pick the most important portraits to hang in your home. The ones that belong in an album or collection box and the ones that belong on your holiday cards and photo gifts. You will be so happy to have these images as a finish products and not another thing on your to do list. I even use images of your walls and rooms to help you visualize what fits and what looks the best in your space. You will leave with a specific plan for where to hang these beautiful heirloom pieces. No planning needed!

Ready to book?

If this type of custom portrait experience is what you are looking for I’d love to talk to you. Check out my information page HERE for more details on how to book a Fine Art Family Portrait Session.