As a newborn photographer I see a lot of poses for babies. I’ve taken online and in person classes to master each of these adorable poses. I understand we each have different tastes and preferences. When you come to my studio for your consultation, you and I can discuss your favorites and what you like. One of my favorite poses that has been a top choice among new parents as well, is “tushie-up.” This pose is so comfortable for babies, they often find themselves in this position while resting on mom or dads chest. It is adorable as it highlights their sweet squishy cheeks, accentuates the little rolls, and tucks them in nice and small. I have done several variations of this pose and find it very versatile and a staple in my newborn photography work. If you love this pose as much as I do we will most likely be able to achieve this during your newborn photography session.

Newborn baby unwrapped posed for photography session, on green blanket
Newborn baby in a cute pose on a gray backdrop during a newborn photography session
baby posed during a newborn photography session with a gray wrap
Newborn baby girl posed during a newborn photography session with pink and brown blankets
baby boy wrapped in a blue blanket during a newborn photography session
baby girl wrapped in blue during a newborn photography session
baby girl in purple during her newborn photography session with savannah Williamson Photography
Newborn baby boy with green pants posed during his newborn photography session with Savannah Williamson Photography

See!!! Adorable right? I love that it helps me photograph all the little details in their face at the same time. This pose is so classic and timeless to me. If you like this pose let me know and we can make it happen during your newborn photography session at my studio in Green Valley.