You may be wondering, “will I even be ready for a photography session right after I deliver?” It is a valid question.

Your healing body

Giving birth is a traumatic experience for your body and it defiantly needs time to recover and heal after having a baby. Your doctor will ask you to take it easy for 6 weeks or more depending on your delivery. However, coming to my studio for your photo session will not be harmful to your healing body in any way. Most of the session you will be able to relax in a cozy chair, even prop your feet up if you wish. I will have your chair close by the shooting area so you never loose site of your baby. You won’t be asked to do any heavy lifting! I also have my studio stocked with organic pads, nursing pads, and other essentials should you forget anything.

Mom holding a newborn baby boy during a newborn photography session
Mom holding a newborn baby boy

Will I be too tired?

Momma yes you will be tired. Having a newborn is exhausting its true, but you shouldn’t let that get in the way. You deserve beautiful photos of your precious newborn. Like I mentioned before you will be relaxing most of the time in a cozy chair. I will be doing all the hard work. I have a variety of beverages, and snacks to keep you comfortable and make the experience more pleasant. I have a closet full of beautiful gowns for you to choose from that will flatter your postpartum figure. I use lighting and photoshop to hide any hints of tiredness from your images. Please don’t let being tired rob you from these special once in a lifetime photos.

Leaving home with a newborn and during a pandemic can be frightening

I understand having some reservations about heading out with your newborn baby during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is one of the main reasons I opened up my commercial studio, moving it from my home. I wanted to create a place I could control the flow of germs. My studio is sanitized and cleaned before and after each session. I only have 1-2 sessions a day inside my studio to limit the new germs and people entering the space. My studio is a safe place for your family during these times. Read my client reviews to see how others felt about my studio during the pandemic.

new parents snuggling their newborn baby

I don’t have time to shop!

My client wardrobe is available for all studio clients. It is full of flattering gowns from mom, matching shirts for dad, and coordinating child outfits for the rest of your family. You will be able to browse through these during your consultation before your session to relieve some of that anxiety. This is one of the great benefits of coming to Savannah Williamson Photography for your newborn session. Trust me when I say I have something you will love.