I love to support my local community and small businesses. As a newborn photography artist, I also like to promote other business who may have the same client base as my own. Most of my clients are newborn parents or parents of young children, so I thought I would share this amazing local class. My daughter and I joined Miss Cherie’s class when she was only 3 years old. It was so much fun to go to the class together and have that special one on one time. It was also a wonderful introduction for her into music and rhythm.

I was able to go and visit a current Sound Beginnings class and interview Miss Cherie.

Why do you love teaching music?

Music brings so much joy to me.  I love being able to see that joy radiated through my students and knowing that I helped to put it there!

How long have you been teaching music?

For over 22 years

Give me a brief history on your journey to Let’s Play Music.

I taught private piano lessons for a long time before discovering Let’s Play Music and its curricula for children of all ages.  When I saw the musical and piano concepts that were being taught through interactive, research based methods and PLAY, I knew I had to teach it!  Children come to class and have so much fun.  They don’t even realize they are learning advanced (for their age) musical concepts! 

Why is it important to start these movement and rhythm style classes at such a young age?

Babies are born hardwired for learning.  There is something experts refer to as the “music learning window” where children are the most receptive to musical knowledge.  This window beings at birth!  The younger children are when they are exposed to musical learning, the more they will retain and be able to learn later on in life.   

How does learning music help kids in school?

There are so many studies out there that attest to the benefits music education has on ALL learning.  Children who take music lessons generally have higher levels of focus/concentration, are good at math (because there is math in music!), have increased empathy for others, have a thicker corpus callosum which means the two hemispheres of the brain can communicate better, and there are SO many other benefits!  Music education literally makes you smarter!

Why do you love having a small business that caters to young children and families?

I love that I get to connect on an individual level with each one of my students and also parents who attend classes.  There are no other music programs in Sahuarita/Green Valley that I am aware of, so I love being able to provide these invaluable classes to our community.  Music is important!

What is the youngest/or best age you suggest starting your classes? 

Even the youngest of babies benefit from my classes for little ones.  I usually find that parents of babies like to enroll when their child is at least 4-6 months old.  But really, every age has its own unique benefits, whether they are older or younger.  

Tell me a little bit about how you are handling Covid-19 concerns in class and with your business.

First and foremost, parents/students are highly encouraged to stay home when not feeling well.  This is our first line of defense to keep all of our friends in class healthy!  Upon entering the studio, everyone washes hands with soap and water or uses hand sanitizer.  Masks are welcome for those who would like to wear them, but are not required.  

What type of classes do you teach?

Sound Beginnings: ages 0-4.  This is a “mommy and me” (or dad, grandma, nanny, etc.) type class where we sing, dance, play lots of rhythm instruments, learn preschool and early literacy skills, and more!  Classes run for a 15 week semester at a time.  There are six different non-sequential semesters, so there is always something new!  Cost is $200 or $50/month plus cost of materials.  Additional siblings are $20/month.
Let’s Play Music: beginning age 4-6.  Complete musicianship and piano lessons class taught in a FUN, small, interactive group setting.  Tuition is $65/month
Presto: beginning age 7-12.  Beginning piano lessons with an emphasis on proper technique, theory, and complete musicianship.  Interactive, fun, small group lessons.  Tuition is $110/month
I also teach continuing small group piano lessons to my LPM and Presto graduates who want to continue playing the piano.

Where can families go to get more information?

I can be contacted by phone (text or call) at 520-904-5262 or email at cheriewebb@letsplaymusicsite.com.  I am happy to answer any questions about my classes or help you enroll!  General information and short videos about each class can be found at www.letsplaymusicsite.com under their respective curriculum tabs.

When is the next registration open for classes?

A new semester of Sound Beginnings is about to start!  Registration will open the 2nd week of November and classes will start in January.  Spots are first come first served and disappear quickly!  LPM and Presto registration begins in Feb/March and spots are offered first to those who contact me to be put on my wait list.  Those classes begin each August.

It was such a pleasure to join in one of her Sound Beginnings classes and see the joy on all the kids faces! I couldn’t wait to share this with all my moms who have come to my studio for newborn photography, cake smash sessions, or even family sessions. I love sharing these kinds of family and young kid classes for those who may not know this was something available in our area!